Building purpose-driven holistic development through networking, dialogue and dynamic engagement of all continental stakeholders. As a non-governmental, non-political organisation, we believe each African has extraordinary potential and is a potent change agent to transform the continent both at the macro and micro levels.


Creating a viable and engaging platform for synergy between various societal and national players for collaborative networking and discourses. We focus our activities on policy-makers, academics, entrepreneurs, students, families and other professionals.
MISSION : Maximising Wholesome Development Through Networking.
MOTTO : Transform the mind. Transform the continent.
FLF is able to provide indepth services from multiple perspectives. We organise our services around 4 different levels: Homes, Leaders, Organisation, and Coalitions. We apply our services in an integrated fashion. We are committed to seeing real, sustained change that results in tangible outcome for participants in our events and on the society as well. Capacity-building outcomes have often been viewed as a well-attended workshop or dissemination of practical information on "best practices" on some aspects of organisational management, social initiative or individual development - both valuable. However, FLF defines capacity-building outcomes in a larger and more holistic way. We take a systems approach, working at all levels - homes, leaders, organisation and coalitions.

Services of FLF

  • Leadership Development - We focus on leaders. The outcome of FLF's strategic leadership programme is client organisations with effective, strong, sustainable, long term leadership in place at both the staff and board levels. We are focused on training, consulting, and coaching them to find creative solutions in increasing complex and sometimes seemingly impenetrable situations.
  • Membership Club - This is a customised premium service. It guarantees the clients and members a seamless round the clock personal, professional tailored services.
  • Women in Leadership - This programme provides an opportunity for females to be part of an active network of women leaders. Participants share learning, brainstorm ideas and approaches, support courageous and confident actions.
  • Coaching - Includes leadership development/effectiveness, resilience, and understanding the impact you have on others through a 360 Feedback Survey. The process is tailored to fit your needs, schedule and circumstances, and completely confidential. It is designed to meet clients "where they are" and give the focused support that often can't be provided through workshops and retreats.
  • Research Support: We provide all necessary professional support right from conception of the research idea, proposal writing, methodology design, data collection through to the completion of the research work.
  • Fund Development - FLF is committed to helping individuals, leaders and organisations raise the money needed in order to fulfill their essential goals and missions.
  • Grassroots Organising - We make resources and tools available for organisations to foster client knowledge, skills and confidence of strategies to build their base of community support.
  • Campaigns and Collaborations - We help groups think more strategically so that they can be more effective campaigners. We help our clients develop better campaign plans. FLF also help as convener. We equally offer expertise in coalition management and facilitation.
  • Art, Culture and Skill Development - We organised events and create programmes geared towards training clients in various arts including creative writing, book publishing, photography, public speaking, music among others.

How We Work

We continually convene community members. We find ways to collaborate for individual and social change.
- We are build a new infrastructure for organizing, working together, shaping an inclusive agenda, and uplifting our community.
- We sponsor serious dialogue and collective actions to address critical issues.
- We bring thinkers, innovators and doers around one table to create solutions together.
- We encourage new, effective partnerships and collaborations.
- We make our voices heard to create the future we want.


Benjamin Terrycarson Baba
Communications Director
Institute for Leadership and Development Communication
Abuja - Nigeria
Mobile: (+234)7086101037